Kru Neil LeGallo

Kru Neil LeGallo is the owner and operator of the Sityodtong USA North Shore branch, located in Beverly, MA.

Kru Neil is a respected Muay Thai fighter and instructor who has trained under Kru Mark Dellagrotte since 1996 when the school was called "The Multi Culture Martial Arts Center". In 1999, he travelled to Thailand with Kru Mark to train. During this trip, Kru Mark was appointed by Kru Yodtong to teach, conserve, and promote Thai Style boxing in the USA under the "Sityodtong" monicker. At that point Kru Neil focused specifically on Thai Boxing, taking numerous trips to Thailand to train at Sityodtong Pattaya. He continued down this path for many years, eventually fighting both amateur and professional Muay Thai in the United States.

In 2005, Kru Neil shifted his focus from fighting to teaching and training Muay Thai and Mixed Martial Arts fighters. In 2008, under the tutelage of Kru Mark and Kru Toy, he opened the Sityodtong North Shore branch in Beverly MA.

Kru Neil has trained Mixed Martial Artists including UFC veterans Kenny Florian, Marcus Davis, Patrick Cote, Jorge Gurgel, Chuck Liddell, and more. Alongside some of the the world's best fighters, he has had over 15 Octagon cornering appearances to date.

He has even trained notable Hollywood personalities, as well as Middle East royalty.

Kru Mark Dellagrotte

Kru Mark DellaGrotte is the owner and operator of the Sityodtong USA Boston branch, located in Somerville MA. He's a former Muay Thai Champion in Thailand, and is known is considered one of the premier striking coaches in Mixed Martial Arts today.

Mark is respected worldwide for his uncanny ability to break opponents down. He's cornered Marcus Davis through 11 consecutive victories in the Octagon, and is the same man who took Kenny Florian from a skinny soccer player to one of the top ten lightweight fighters in the world. He began his martial arts studies at an early age. His initial training involved classical martial arts, such as Tae Kwon Do, Shodokan and Tai-chi. As his athleticism and martial skills grew, so did his desire to further his training in the martial arts.

In 1992 his quest for a more combative martial art was complete when he met Guro Guy Chase, who had studied with some of the greatest martial artists of his time. Guro Chase had trained with Sifu Dan Inosanto, Grandmaster Ben Lagusa, Pak Herman Suwanda, Guro Ted Lucay, Professor Salam Allsi, Arjarn Surachai Sirisute and even the Great Karl Gotch. At that point, Mark devoted himself entirely to the martial arts. Through this training he became certified in the arts of Jun Fan Jeet Kune Do, Indonesian Pencak Silat, Boxe Francaise Savate, Filipino Kali-Excrima, Submission wrestling and Muay Thai Kickboxing.

In 1997 Mark wanted to take his training even further than what was available in the U.S. so he decided to travel abroad to Thailand. He was introduced to Kru Yodtong and the Sityodtong Boxing Camp, where he lived and trained. Mark's ability to speak Thai, led him to explore Thailand and Thai culture.

He traveled throughout Thailand, learning different styles of Muay Thai such as Mae Mai Muay Thai, Kun Khmer, Muay Burand, Muay Lao, and also Burmese Boxing. Mark is also a current Muay Thai champion. Master Yodtong Senanan appointed Mark to teach, conserve and promote Thai style boxing worldwide. He is Kru Yodtong's US representative and is honored to be an international conservator of Thai style boxing. Mark has coached fighters to victory in events such as The Kings Cup and UFC. In 2006, he was selected as the Muay Thai coach on The Ultimate Fighter Season 4: The Comeback, which was broadcast by Spike TV. Mark and the Sityodtong USA camp train a growing number of UFC fighters including; Kenny Florian, Jorge Rivera, Marcus Davis, Dale Hartt, Patrick Cote and Stephan Bonnar.

When not immersed in fight camps for the world's best mixed martial artists, Kru Mark travels to the Sityodtong North Shore location to teach Muay Thai and Mixed Martial Arts.

Kru Toy Sityodtong Sriwaralak

Kru Toy is Kru Yodtong's son (founder of Sityodtong) and is the manager of Sityodtong Pattaya, Thailand. He has traveled to several countries to promote and preserve his father's teachings in the art and sport of Muay Thai.

Kru Toy is one of the most sought after striking instructors in the world for elite level Muay Thai Fighters and Mixed Martial Artists.

Periodically, Kru Toy travels to the United States and teaches private lessons at Sityodtong facilities and other quality Martial Art schools.

Instructor Jimmy Delorfano

Jimmy Delorfano is a part time instructor for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu at the Sityodtong North Shore Branch.

Jimmy trains under fourth degree Black Belt Professor Roberto Maia at Gracie Barra Boston. He has also trained in Muay Thai and Mixed Martial Arts with Kru Mark DellaGrotte and Kru Neil LeGallo at Sityodtong Boston.

Jimmy has Amateur fighting experience on the regional level, competing in Mixed Martial Arts and Grappling Tournaments throughout the Northeast.

Instructor Jay Reinhold

Jay Reinhold is a part time instructor for Beginner and Advanced Muay Thai at the Sityodtong North Shore Branch.

Jay has trained for a number of years under Kru Mark DellaGrotte and Kru Neil LeGallo at Sityodtong Boston. Jay has Amateur fighting experience on the regional level, competing in both Mixed Martial Arts and Muay Thai.